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Most modern vehicles have air conditioning systems, these systems provide more than simply keeping you cool in the hot weather. If correctly serviced, your car’s AC unit will not only filter out pollutants, but pollen and airborne bacteria whilst you are in your car. It is a component of your car which will seriously look after the air quality inside your car. More of the reason for it to be serviced and checked by Basingstoke Mobile Mechanics.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning unit will not be tested during it’s regular service, therefore most people forget to have this vital component checked. If it has been longer than 2 years since your car’s Air Con has been serviced, check your manufacturer’s guide, then we recommend contacting us to get it checked. 

There are tell-tale signs for damage or issues in your AC system. If your car is no longer blowing cold air despite having the system on, then there may be problems. Bad or strange smells coming from the vents, or loud noises may indicate a blockage or potential leak. Also, visible leakages are a definite indication than problems may be occurring.

Most manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system needs re-gassing after two years, regardless of whether or not you use the AC system regularly or not. Naturally, your car’s gas will lose 10/15% per year due to permeation, before even considering usage.

The winter months in particular, when many drivers avoid using their air conditioning, build-up of bacteria may result in a less fresh smell due to contaminants and bacteria.


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Our Air-con service will be the perfect opportunity to decontaminate the whole system removing any harmful bacteria. Bad odours or strange smells are often caused by a build of bacteria in the system, some aspects of AC units are breeding ground for bacteria which cause the issue. Also, we recommend the service, because a clean ventilation system can decrease allergies and keep the cabin of your car nicely ventilated.

Our expert mechanics can also provide anti-bacterial cleansing, eliminating any build up of bacteria that has built up within your air conditioning filters. preventing allergies and ill health long term.

There are many reasons as to why your AC maybe failing. A lack of gas or refrigerant in the system may be the reason behind the lack of cool air, or there could be a leak. In the case of a leak, our trained technicians can comb over the system and check for the cause of the potential issues. It is mandatory to have a qualified technician perform the service due to the hazards involved with the refrigerant and disposing of it correctly.

If you suspect any issues with your air conditioning system, or it has been long over two years since it has last been replaced – simply contact us on our contact form or give us a phone call and we will arrange a time and place as soon as possible.

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