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Why car brake repair is so crucial...

Functioning brakes are essential to safe driving. If you frequently rack up the mileage on motorways or spend your days driving around busy city centres, you might need servicing and brake repairs more often than you think. Luckily, our mobile car repair service can help you out.

Obviously, your brakes are crucial to ensure that you have a safe drive, alongside unworn tyres. Whether you spend your days stopping and starting in busy city centres or racking up your mileage on the motorway, your brakes may not be in as good condition as you think.

As experts when it comes to fixing brake discs and pads, we have your safety covered. If it’s changing your brake fluid or replacing your entire worn brake disc, we’re here to help you. 

Undoubtedly, brake pads and discs have to be checked. Usually, your brakes will be checked in your annual service or MOT, however it is crucial they are still checked periodically. There are many signs something may be wrong with your brakes, in which case, you should contact us for our car brake repair in Basingstoke.

The most common signs for poor brakes include a loud grinding noise, which could be a symptom of worn brake discs when the pad wears down to the calliper. Pulling, sponginess or squeaking are also common signs. If you feel as if your car pulls to one side when you break then you may need a brake repair. Sponginess can be a sign air is in your brake fluid lines and squeaking can indicate that new brake pads may be needed. Of course, if your dashboard light comes on then it may be time to replace your fluids. We offer the best brake repair in Basingstoke.

After calling us out, our expert knowledge can advise you on the best decision to make, whether changing your brake pads or fluid is necessary and whether your brakes are in the correct condition.  

If you feel like you have any of these issues, feel free to enquire and contact us.


Our mobile car repair services

Brakes and Rotary

IIf when you brake, your vehicle or steering wheel vibrates or shakes, your rotor may be uneven in thickness. The brake rotors are larges discs inside your wheels, when you hit the brakes, the pads push against the rotors to slow your car down and stop your wheels spinning.

The friction created when you break will naturally wear down the surface of a rotor, causing them to become potentially uneven. If left uneven, your rotor will continue to wear down in the areas it is uneven, which could cause dangerous implications in the long term. The brake pad transferring unevenly is what causes the vibration, the uneven nature of the rotors causes a pulling of your vehicle to one side. 

A brake service will smooth or even out the rotor of your vehicle to stabilise your braking and correct the flaws and wobbling. Sometimes, if the rotors have been worn down to a large extent, they may need replacing fully.



Brake Repair Basingstoke

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