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Sometimes, a diagnostics check is the exact thing you need to diagnose the problems within your car. If any of your dashboard lights flash up or flicker then let us come straight over to you. There is no need to drive all the way into a garage and book in when we can bring the test to you. 

At Basingstoke Mobile Mechanics, we will send a qualified mechanic to come to your car and perform a system diagnostics test to diagnose the issues with your car, eliminating any hassle or problems you may face getting over to a garage.

Modern vehicles will have computer systems which will monitor and record your vehicles performance and faults. If an aspect of your car is failing or has an issue, these computer will produce error and fault codes require specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment. Your dashboard warning lights will point you to potential problems but a diagnostics check is required to fully understand the issue.

How exactly does a diagnostic test work? The diagnostic test will use your car’s engine control unit (ECU), which has a variety of sensors throughout your car which can identify problems with your vehicle as they arise. Modern cars can have hundreds of sensors, indicating a multitude of potential issues. A lack of ignition coils firing, too high engine temperatures or fuel problems, the diagnostic test will provide our mechanic with a pinpoint cause of the issue with your car.


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To check all your potential faults and get your car running smoothly, we will run a complete car diagnostics search on your car’s computer system. Find and identify the correct fault codes and errors that may disrupting or causing issues to your car. Repair the parts in which the faults have recognised. 

Your engine oil light may indicate low engine oil or oil pressure which could mean you need an oil change. Coolant fluid retains heat from the engine and expels it, out the radiator, stopping your engine from overheating. A yellow car warning light will come on when coolant levels are running low. There are many indicators on your dashboard whic highlight potential problems, if they remain then a diagnostic check can determine what the deeper problem may be.

Fast and reliable, we strive to get your car running smoothly. Especially when your car doesn’t start, there are a multitude of potential causes – our diagnostics system will identify the potential issue, allowing our expert mechanics to help repair what needs repairing, getting you back on the road.

  • Complete car diagnostics

  • Fault finding

  • Car fault repairs

  • Fast and reliable service

  • Use of the latest diagnostic equipment

We understand that booking into your busy local garage, finding time to get over to the garage and back and also starting your car may be a potential issue. You simply decide the time and location and we can perform and run a diagnostics check for you – identifying any minor or major faults to prevent your car breaking down. 

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For those looking for the most reliable mobile mechanics in Basingstoke, look no further. We offer a whole variety of services straight to your door. 

If your car won’t start or you need to be home for whatever reason, we offer countless services to get you where you need to be. Mobile car repair is in growing demand as more people work from home and as second hand cars which require extra care grow in cost. 

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